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Born and raised in our warm greenhouss, our wide variety of poinsettias are grown by the thousands in a beautiful array of Christmas colors.

A Beautiful Array of Colors…

Bell’s is the premiere nursery for poinsettias. We supply all of Anchorage with their holiday flowers. In July we begin to nurture the baby poinsettias by reducing their exposure to sunlight, by keeping the temperature at an even 70°F, and by regular watering. Every year we grow deep reds, blushing pinks, two-toned salmons, pristine whites, deep burgundies, and always new varieties. Our poinsettias are available for purchase at our Sand Lake and Specking Rd. locations as well as other retailers across the state. We also pre-sell our poinsettias for fundraisers, call today for more information: 345-4476.

Holiday tips to keep your poinsettia merry this season


keeps your poinsettia jolly. Offer a semi-cool, humid location, with direct or indirect light and plenty of moisture.


is key to keeping your poinsettia bright and cheery through the holidays. Not too hot or too cold. Room temperature is just right, but avoid drafts.


your poinsettia thoroughly, taking care not to over water. Ensure adequate drainage is available. Empty excess water in trays.

Digging Deeper

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