Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Vine ripened and proudly grown right here in Alaksa, we grow delicious tomatoes and cucumbers to buy in our stores or even in your local grocery stores.

Midnight Sun Ripened Tomatoes

It’s hard to believe that in Alaska there is a grower who harvests 100 tons of ripe tomatoes each year! We have had a longtime tradition of sowing our own tomato seeds in January, moving them to permanent beds after eight weeks, and picking them from May through November. Once picked, the tomato is inspected for its shape, color and weight. Our tomatoes taste like those grown in the backyard because they are always vine-ripened. They are perfect either alone or in your favorite salad.

Cucumbers “Grown in Alaska”

In addition to our tomato crop, we also grow English cucumbers. Their taste is crisp, sweet, and succulent. Since they are seedless, they are perfect for salads and sandwiches. The cucumbers can also be purchased in all Carrs/Safeway stores and at Bell’s. You can always indentify a Bell’s tomato and cucumber in the grocery store by its firmness, solid red or green hue, and oval sticker saying “grown in Alaska”.